We conduct all investigations in a professional and ethical manner.

We always provide all the facts, regardless of whom they benefit.

We conduct an honest investigation without bias.

We abide by all federal, state and local laws.

We honor and protect the privacy of all parties involved.

We will not enter private/posted property without proper authorization.

We will not run any credit reports without proper authorization.

We will not engage in entrapment or harassment.

We will not represent ourselves in violation of law.

We will not carry firearms.
In today's business environment, issues of privacy and rights are serious
business.  Call us to discuss how we can provide you with the legally and
ethically obtained information you need.
Sullivan Investigation Service, Inc.
Since 2004
Eth’ics,  n. (ĕth"ĭks)
1. The science of human
duty; a particular
system of principles and
rules concerting duty.

-- Webster's 1913
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